The New World

Dark Beginnings

Session 2 - 10/12/2016


Our adventurers set off with the Order of the White Lily to go kill some Orx. On the second day of the trip, disaster struck. While staying at the mayor's manor in Diepholz, assassins killed Captain Franz. The Elf, Herbert, turned out to be a traitor and conspired with the Black Lily Company's Stiegler and killed him in his sleep. Our protagonists managed to capture Herbert, while cutting off his heels. Steigler managed to escape.

According to Herbert, this was revenge for what he called the "Drakwal Massacre". There, Captain Franz ordered his group to kill a group of civilians. Stiegler and Herbert were a part of the massacre. As a means to absolve themselves, they resigned themselves to kill the one responsible.

What will our protagonists do next? Lets find out next week.


bthoward1990 bthoward1990

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