The New World

The New World

Session 1 - 10/4/2016


     Our protagonists, Gaul, Giselbert, and Lena, woke up inside St. Ruperts Hosopital in the City of New Danzig. Their wounds were being taken of care of by a mysterious benefactor, who was later to be revealed as the Order of the White Lily. They were being "acquired" for their talents on an expedition to Fort Worth to fight back some Orx Scouting Parties, as they have been becoming increasingly restless. 

    After "meeting" with the "Order of the White Lily", our protagonists are getting ready to leave for Fort Worth. This expedition is being lead by the resolute Captain Franz. Aside from Franz, there is the quiet squire Lena, the gregarious dwarf boatmen Gaul, the cunning ratcather Giselbert, his brother Liltabert, and the naive Rudy.


bthoward1990 bthoward1990

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