The New World

Journey to the Orx

Session 3 - 10/17/2016


Our protagonist decided to take the trip up north, to continue on the way to Fort Worth. On the way there, they ran into the remains of a caravan. Strangely, it had not been looted. So they decided to loot it themselves. However, two survivors were pale and emotionless.  After some shield surfing to rescue the lady trapped on the rock the survivors stalked walking into the Drawal forest to the East. After following them for a day, they accosted by cultists at night. The cultists wanted the survivors, but they were prevented from joining. After the intense encounter at night, they went up to Fort Worth with the survivors in tow.

                At Fort Worth, they got a contract to find the Orx camp and stop Orx scouts. After following the cliffs heading North East for two days, they found the Orx encampment in the woods, and see what seems to be an Orx scout, the killer of Giselberts family. Next, they will figure out what to do. Chase the Orx scouts? Report back to Fort Worth?


bthoward1990 bthoward1990

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